Wrestler Participants | Keystone Classic

NOTE: These are only projected participants. Since the event is listed on the schools schedule, that most-likely means that the starters will be in attendance. Obviously if there is a wrestler that is injured, they probably won't attend. Also, lots of schools will bring more than just their starters to a tournament.

NOTE: (unofficial) indicates a tournament that is not on the schools schedule. This normally means that there will be primarily non-starters participating in the tournament.
125 Team
Jack Mueller Virginia
Michael Colaiocco Pennsylvania
Anthony Cefolo Rider
Nolan Hellickson Harvard
Antonio Mininno Drexel
Drake Doolittle Duke
Kyle Randall Sacred Heart
Patrick Washington Appalachian State
Jose Diaz Franklin & Marshall
John McGarry VMI
133 Team
Codi Russell Appalachian State
Louie Hayes Virginia
Carmen Ferrante Pennsylvania
Chris Wright Rider
Michael Jaffe Harvard
Chandler Olson Drexel
Cliff Conway VMI
Harrison Campbell Duke
Nick Tewell Franklin & Marshall
Anthony Petrillo Sacred Heart
141 Team
Brian Courtney Virginia
Lukus Stricker Harvard
Doug Zapf Pennsylvania
Brett Kulp Franklin & Marshall
Anthony Brito Appalachian State
Robert Cleary Rider
Gerard Daly Sacred Heart
Dominick Gallo VMI
Tyler Williams Drexel
Ethan Krause Duke
149 Team
Denton Spencer Virginia
Wade Unger Duke
John Millner Appalachian State
Wil Gil Franklin & Marshall
Brock Wilson Harvard
Grant Aronoff Pennsylvania
Gino Fluri Rider
Nick Palumbo Sacred Heart
Vincent Foggia Drexel
Jobe Chishko VMI
157 Team
Jesse Dellavecchia Rider
Anthony Artalona Pennsylvania
Justin McCoy Virginia
Parker Kropman Drexel
Matthew Zovistoski Appalachian State
Hunter Ladnier Harvard
Cole Aaron Franklin & Marshall
William Lawrence VMI
Eric Carter Duke
TJ Calas Sacred Heart
165 Team
Ebed Jarrell Drexel
Phillip Conigliaro Harvard
Cameron Coy Virginia
Emmett LiCastri Franklin & Marshall
Georgio Poullas Rider
William Formato Appalachian State
Jacob Lizak Pennsylvania
Benjamin Anderson Duke
Brandon Levesque Sacred Heart
Jon Hoover VMI
174 Team
Neal Richards VMI
Michael O'Malley Drexel
Dean Sherry Rider
Victor Marcelli Virginia
Joseph Accousti Sacred Heart
Peter Ferraro Harvard
Mason Eaglin Duke
Jake Hendricks Pennsylvania
Thomas Flitz Appalachian State
Crew Fullerton Franklin & Marshall
184 Team
George Walton Rider
Kyle Davis Sacred Heart
Tyler Love Virginia
Anthony Walters Drexel
Jesse Quatse Pennsylvania
Mason Fiscella Appalachian State
Max Gallahan VMI
Jimmy Stillerman Franklin & Marshall
Michael Doggett Harvard
Kai Blake Duke
197 Team
Jay Aiello Virginia
Ethan Laird Rider
Bryan McLaughlin Drexel
Paul Carson Appalachian State
Robert Hetherman Sacred Heart
Christopher Beck VMI
Gregory Bensley Pennsylvania
Vincent Baker Duke
Michael Waszen Franklin & Marshall
Evan Callahan Harvard
285 Team
Cary Miller Appalachian State
Quinn Miller Virginia
Ryan Cloud Rider
Yaraslau Slavilouski Harvard
Ben Goldin Pennsylvania
Sean O'Malley Drexel
Connor Fredericks Sacred Heart
Vincenzo Pelusi Franklin & Marshall
Jonah Niesenbaum Duke
Robbie Adelstein VMI