Wrestler Participants | Edinboro Open

NOTE: These are only projected participants. Since the event is listed on the schools schedule, that most-likely means that the starters will be in attendance. Obviously if there is a wrestler that is injured, they probably won't attend. Also, lots of schools will bring more than just their starters to a tournament.

NOTE: (unofficial) indicates a tournament that is not on the schools schedule. This normally means that there will be primarily non-starters participating in the tournament.
125 Team
Jake Gromacki Clarion
Aslan Kilic Navy (unofficial)
Brandon Cray Maryland
Lucas Rodriguez Edinboro
Noah Sirianni Navy (unofficial)
Matthew Cardello Navy (unofficial)
Caleb Kelly Navy (unofficial)
133 Team
Tye Varndell Edinboro
King Sandoval Maryland
Jacob Allen Navy (unofficial)
Seth Koleno Clarion
Anthony Sciotto Navy (unofficial)
141 Team
Taylor Ortz Clarion
Wyatt Long Navy (unofficial)
Carmine Ciotti Edinboro
Hunter Baxter Maryland
Kyle Trybus Navy (unofficial)
Jonathan Miranda Navy (unofficial)
Andrew Javier Navy (unofficial)
149 Team
Jared Prince Navy (unofficial)
Brock Zacherl Clarion
Michael Doetsch Maryland
Tyler Vath Edinboro
Adam Davis Navy (unofficial)
Chris Hisey Navy (unofficial)
PJ Crane Navy (unofficial)
River Curtis Navy (unofficial)
Val Park Navy (unofficial)
157 Team
Connor Prince Navy (unofficial)
Jahi Jones Maryland
Peter Pappas Edinboro
Scout Skidgel Navy (unofficial)
Trevor Elfvin Clarion
Sebastian Corrales Navy (unofficial)
Seth Henderson Navy (unofficial)
165 Team
Kyle Cochran Maryland
Michael Bartolo Clarion
Dillon Taylor Navy (unofficial)
Henry Hague Jr Navy (unofficial)
Derek Ciavarro Edinboro
Brian Case Navy (unofficial)
174 Team
Jacob Oliver Edinboro
Max Wohlabaugh Clarion
Josh Ugalde Maryland
Shane Finney Navy (unofficial)
Hampton Boyd Navy (unofficial)
Dean Caravela Navy (unofficial)
184 Team
Cody Mulligan Edinboro
Kyle Jasenski Maryland
Shane Sosinsky Navy (unofficial)
Luke Funck Clarion
Malcolm Wiley Navy (unofficial)
Hunter Johns Navy (unofficial)
197 Team
Joshua Roetman Navy (unofficial)
Greg Bulsak Clarion
Dylan Reynolds Edinboro
Jake Koser Navy (unofficial)
Jaron Smith Maryland
Malcom Wiley Navy (unofficial)
Mike Smith Navy (unofficial)
285 Team
Jon Spaulding Edinboro
Tyler Bagoly Clarion
Riley Smith Navy (unofficial)
Parker Robinson Maryland