Wrestler Participants | Southeast Open

NOTE: These are only projected participants. Since the event is listed on the schools schedule, that most-likely means that the starters will be in attendance. Obviously if there is a wrestler that is injured, they probably won't attend. Also, lots of schools will bring more than just their starters to a tournament.

NOTE: (unofficial) indicates a tournament that is not on the schools schedule. This normally means that there will be primarily non-starters participating in the tournament.
125 Team
Joey Melendez North Carolina
#20 Robert Campos #25 Notre Dame (Ohio)
Fabian Gutierrez Chattanooga
#25 Anthony Carter #34 Newberry College
Joey Prata Virginia Tech
Zurich Storm North Carolina State (unofficial)
Dack Punke Missouri
#54 Rylee Billings #40 King University (TN)
Brandon Cray Maryland
Korbin Meink Campbell
Patrick McCormick Virginia (unofficial)
Ben Kamali Virginia (unofficial)
Joey Thomas West Virginia
Charlie Lenox North Carolina State (unofficial)
Tommy Cox North Carolina State (unofficial)
Sean Carter Appalachian State (unofficial)
Cian Fischer Davidson
Caleb Smith Appalachian State (unofficial)
Carson Smith Appalachian State (unofficial)
Talha Farooq George Mason
Zac Spencer Virginia (unofficial)
Trent Lane Virginia (unofficial)
John McGarry VMI
John Jones Gardner-Webb
133 Team
#7 Hunter Bray #25 Notre Dame (Ohio)
Collin Gerardi Virginia Tech
Noah Gonser Campbell
Allan Hart Missouri
Jamie Hernandez North Carolina
#46 Timmy Martinez #34 Newberry College
King Sandoval Maryland
Jarrett Trombley North Carolina State (unofficial)
Kai Orrine North Carolina State (unofficial)
Kyle Gorant Davidson
Will Edmiston Gardner-Webb
Sam Book Virginia (unofficial)
#85 Dylan Wilman #65 Mount Olive
#93 Josh Wynn #40 King University (TN)
Wade Cummings Chattanooga
Lukas Martin West Virginia
De'Andre Swinson Appalachian State (unofficial)
Mike Madara North Carolina State (unofficial)
Tyler Kellison Appalachian State (unofficial)
Cliff Conway VMI
Josh Jones George Mason
Joshua Spurlin Appalachian State (unofficial)
141 Team
#4 Isiah Royal #34 Newberry College
Grant Leeth Missouri
Mitch Moore Virginia Tech
Josh Heil Campbell
Zach Sherman North Carolina
Chris Debien Chattanooga
#43 Kelan Mckenna #25 Notre Dame (Ohio)
Caleb Rea West Virginia
Alex Madrigal George Mason
#63 Jacob Wynn #40 King University (TN)
Hunter Baxter Maryland
Alex Urquiza North Carolina State (unofficial)
Scott Kiyono Virginia (unofficial)
Brandon Bright Gardner-Webb
Bradly Irwin Appalachian State (unofficial)
John Devine North Carolina State (unofficial)
Dominick Gallo VMI
Dawson Bates Appalachian State (unofficial)
Nick Coy Virginia (unofficial)
Jarred Papscy North Carolina State (unofficial)
Hunter Lewis North Carolina State (unofficial)
David Loniewski Davidson
Bryson Neace Duke (unofficial)
Silas Shaw North Carolina State (unofficial)
Blake Baker Appalachian State (unofficial)
Ty Mills Duke (unofficial)
149 Team
Brock Mauller Missouri
Mason Smith Campbell
Brent Moore Virginia Tech
Josh Finesilver Duke (unofficial)
Matthew Grippi North Carolina State (unofficial)
Tanner Smith Chattanooga
#40 Taylor Misuna #25 Notre Dame (Ohio)
Samuel Krivus Virginia (unofficial)
Colston DiBlasi George Mason
#54 Jody McAlister #34 Newberry College
Michael Doetsch Maryland
Matt Fields North Carolina State (unofficial)
#87 Riley Alderman #40 King University (TN)
Alex Cruz Virginia (unofficial)
Michael Murphy Virginia (unofficial)
Kyler Rea West Virginia
Gray Hart Virginia (unofficial)
#128 Jordan Mckinney #65 Mount Olive
Chase McKinney Gardner-Webb
Jobe Chishko VMI
Brandon LaRue Duke (unofficial)
Will Baldwin Davidson
Gino Esposito North Carolina
Cody Bond Appalachian State (unofficial)
Ray Costa Virginia (unofficial)
Patrick Rowland Duke (unofficial)
James Whitaker Virginia (unofficial)
Isaac Byers Appalachian State (unofficial)
157 Team
Jarrett Jacques Missouri
AC Headlee North Carolina
Brian LaPrade Virginia Tech
Jake Keating Virginia (unofficial)
#50 Zach Kelly #25 Notre Dame (Ohio)
Alex Hornfeck West Virginia
Matthew Dallara Campbell
Kolby Ho George Mason
Jahi Jones Maryland
George Carpenter Chattanooga
Sam Martino Virginia (unofficial)
#119 Tony Morales #40 King University (TN)
#119 Drew Wiechers #65 Mount Olive
#119 Colby Teague #65 Mount Olive
#119 Nick Richardson #65 Mount Olive
Hunter Costa Davidson
William Lawrence VMI
Anthony Steinmeyer Virginia (unofficial)
Taylor Parks Gardner-Webb
Patrick Evans Virginia (unofficial)
Nick Sansone Virginia (unofficial)
Wyatt Pfau Duke (unofficial)
Kiernan Shanahan North Carolina State (unofficial)
Kameron Miller Appalachian State (unofficial)
Garrett Starks Appalachian State (unofficial)
Giuseppi Inserra Appalachian State (unofficial)
165 Team
David McFadden Virginia Tech
#10 Austin Palmer #34 Newberry College
Kennedy Monday North Carolina
Quentin Perez Campbell
Nick Kiussis West Virginia
#38 Nick Giantono #34 Newberry College
Kyle Cochran Maryland
Peyton Mocco Missouri
#68 Robert Morales #40 King University (TN)
Cornelius Schuster George Mason
#101 Jashon Hubbard #25 Notre Dame (Ohio)
Rodrick Mosley Gardner-Webb
Justin Phillips Virginia (unofficial)
Drew Nicholson Chattanooga
Tyler Barnes North Carolina State (unofficial)
Brett Mordecai Appalachian State (unofficial)
Christian Beach Appalachian State (unofficial)
David Veltri Virginia (unofficial)
Jon Hoover VMI
Gaven Krazer North Carolina State (unofficial)
Noah Satterfield Davidson
174 Team
Connor Flynn Missouri
Matt Finesilver Duke (unofficial)
Neal Richards VMI
Clay Lautt North Carolina
Scott Joll West Virginia
Cody Hughes Virginia Tech
Alex Faison North Carolina State (unofficial)
#68 Caleb Spears #34 Newberry College
Jacob Ferreira North Carolina State (unofficial)
Josh Ugalde Maryland
Kyle Homet Gardner-Webb
Robert Patrick Virginia (unofficial)
Caleb Hopkins Campbell
Barrett Blakely Appalachian State (unofficial)
Anthony Lombardo George Mason
Krystian Kinsey Virginia (unofficial)
#90 Ryne Lewis #25 Notre Dame (Ohio)
Hunter Fortner Chattanooga
#119 William Seymore #40 King University (TN)
Steven Newell Davidson
Jack Walsh Virginia (unofficial)
Jake Cook North Carolina State (unofficial)
Channing Connors Virginia (unofficial)
Lance Andriani North Carolina State (unofficial)
184 Team
Hunter Bolen Virginia Tech
Andrew Morgan Campbell
Dylan Wisman Missouri
#19 ZeBrandon Gant #34 Newberry College
Matthew Waddell Chattanooga
#31 Logan Hall #25 Notre Dame (Ohio)
Michael Battista Virginia (unofficial)
Chasen Blair North Carolina
Drew Peck Virginia (unofficial)
#57 Chris Vasquez #40 King University (TN)
Kyle Jasenski Maryland
Julian Gorring Appalachian State (unofficial)
Chris Garrison North Carolina State (unofficial)
#92 Bailey Parks #65 Mount Olive
Roger Pierce George Mason
Jackson Moomau West Virginia
Max Gallahan VMI
Christian Salter Gardner-Webb
Lachlan Rosato Davidson
Garrett Church Appalachian State (unofficial)
197 Team
#11 Elijah Seay #40 King University (TN)
Noah Adams West Virginia
Wyatt Koelling Missouri
#28 Nicholas Weldon #34 Newberry College
#30 Michael Viramontes #25 Notre Dame (Ohio)
Kaden Russell Duke (unofficial)
Eli Spencer George Mason
Jaron Smith Maryland
Rodney Jones Chattanooga
Stanley Smeltzer Virginia Tech
Brandon Whitman North Carolina
Christopher Beck VMI
Austin McNeil Campbell
Tyrie Houghton North Carolina State (unofficial)
#99 Ross Sealby #65 Mount Olive
Roderick Davis Gardner-Webb
Demazio Samuel Appalachian State (unofficial)
Conor Fenn Davidson
Ethan Weatherspoon Virginia (unofficial)
Louis Castellano Duke (unofficial)
Christian Knop North Carolina State (unofficial)
Ramon Rodriguez Appalachian State (unofficial)
285 Team
Jere Heino Campbell
John Borst Virginia Tech
Brandon Ngati West Virginia
Andrew Gunning North Carolina
Rodrigo Diaz Missouri
#46 Cade Ridley #40 King University (TN)
Owen Trephan North Carolina State (unofficial)
Colin Lawler North Carolina State (unofficial)
Anthony Perrine Gardner-Webb
Mitchell Trigg Davidson
Michael Burchell Appalachian State (unofficial)
Grayson Walthall Chattanooga
#110 Devon Rice #34 Newberry College
#110 Kawaun DeBoe #25 Notre Dame (Ohio)
Jacob Slinger George Mason
Parker Robinson Maryland
Robbie Adelstein VMI
Ben Frye Duke (unofficial)
Robert Scherer Virginia (unofficial)
#189 Ogden Atwood #65 Mount Olive
Mateusz Kudra Virginia (unofficial)
Tim Warren Appalachian State (unofficial)